The Power of Myths Part 1: Shared Stories

Participants engage with a range of popular social myths and fairytales to explore their impact on the collective psyche and how stories respond to and create cultural identities. This is a practical workshop involving a range of creative writing and/or oral story telling as individuals and in collaboration. This can be delivered with or without Part 2.

The Power of Myths Part 2: Writing the Self

Here participants build on the creative and exploratory work done in Part 1 and look at a range of stock characters and tropes, recasting key players and rewriting stories in personal and private myths and stories. It is recommended that this workshop follow on from Part 1

Cross-arts Collaboration

This workshop explores, in particular, the effect on writing of working with other art forms. This is a practical workshop involving a range of other mediums.

Suitable for writers of any level of experience.

Other workshops are available and all workshops are tailored to the particular group and setting. Contact using the form or email for more information.

Feedback from the Workshops for Writing West Midlands for writers:

‘very useful exercises’

‘really well-organised and interesting workshop’

‘tasks took me out of my comfort zone and gave me fresh views of my writing’

‘Loved it all!’

I really enjoyed the idea of taking different approaches and using rewriting to create a narrative of our own’

‘The use of visual and written stimuli was very engaging’.

‘Thank you! A very enjoyable workshop.’

‘A very supportive workshop.’

‘Very welcoming.’

‘Elisabeth is a good facilitator.’

Feedback Anawim using writing for well-being:

‘The workshops were well planned and organised…

Elisabeth was very motivating when addressing the group and explaining the workshops.

             The participants felt .. inspired.

They picked up new skills and ways of expressing their feelings.

             Elisabeth had taken into account the sensitive background of the vulnerable clients  we work with and adapted her skill set accordingly. She has planned the sessions to great detail, thinking about how to induct the participants, ice breakers and motivational exercises to keep them engaged. The participants felt like they could really relax and join in.’

Rubana Mukhtar, Curriculum Coordinator, Anawim